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Aula "Vittorio Foa", 12th September 2018

  • 1-Day seminar: The Maximum Sustainable Yield (MSY)

    Aula "Vittorio Foa", 12th September 2018

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1-Day seminar: The Maximum Sustainable Yield (MSY)

The MEY is a long-run equilibrium concept which refers to the level of output and the corresponding level of effort that maximize the expected economic profits in a fishery. In most cases, this scenario results in yields and effort levels that are less than at maximum sustainable yield (MSY) and in stock biomass levels greater than at MSY. Earlier only biological aspects were considered in fisheries management. But they were aimed at controlling fishing effort and they did not consider the economic or social aspects of fishing methods. The net income from fishing and the subsequent use of income for the livelihood of fishers is also of vital importance.

This thought gave way for the economics to be included in fisheries management and will be addressed by the forthcoming WS that will be hold, at the University of Salerno on September 12th

Organized by Gianluigi Coppola


12th September 2018; 10.00 -13.30

Chairman. Evelina Sabatella (NISEA)

Gianluigi Coppola (Dises-UNISA) Monica Gambino (NISEA)

Does the Maximum Sustainable Yield exist?

Dario Pinello (NISEA)

Labour-related indicators in the Eastern Mediterranean area.

Tom Kompas (University of Melbourne)

The Maximum Economic Yield and fisheries management (provisional title)