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Course Description

Our master’s degree in Ancient Philology, Literatures and History is held at the Fisciano Campus at the Department of Humanities and is a two year course. The degree is awarded once 120 credits have been obtained. There is also the possibility for students to enrol on a part-time basis according to university regulations and provisions.

Admission to the master’s degree is possible following an evaluation of students’ academic background in philology, linguistics, history and literature, demonstration of a good level of competency in a foreign language as well as a minimum grade of 100/110 (or recognised equivalent) achieved at undergraduate level. Students who do not meet the aforementioned requirements are evaluated at interview which takes place once annually.

The master’s degree in Ancient Philology, Literatures and History aims to equip their graduates to be highly qualified in the study of classic texts in Greek and Latin along with their tradition rooted in the late ancient, medieval and humanistic ages. These objectives are achieved through teaching modules which focus on the most up to date methodologies in the linguistic, literary, philological, paleographic, papyrological and historical fields.

The skills acquired during the degree course produce graduates who are able to read, translate and comment on classic texts and also demonstrate mastery in historical/philological methods and technical skills in the field of ancient graphic culture.

The master’s degree produces graduates who can undertake teaching careers in linguistic, historical and literary subjects as well as producing intellectuals within the research sector and editorial and book conservation fields. The degree aims to prepare graduates to be able to work within the humanities field and use their transferable skills within a job market which is constantly adapting and evolving.

In preparation for the world of work, the degree course includes a period of internship, whether in Italy or abroad, at affiliated organisations and businesses as well as the possibility to study abroad as a part of the Erasmus programme.