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The single-cycle Master’s Degree course in Medicine and Surgery has as its primary objective the professional and personal training needed to enable the doctors of tomorrow to work in the interest of their patients’ health.

The Study Course aims to foster an aptitude to reasoning in order to solve health problems from a preventive, clinical-diagnostic, therapeutic and rehabilitative point of view, as well as teaching ethical codes of conduct so that the doctors of tomorrow will acquire a sense of service and an aptitude to collaboration not only with other doctors but with all healthcare staff working in the sector.

The number of places on the degree course is limited on a national basis. Those wishing to enrol must first pass an admission test held on the same date at all Italian Universities. The test is devised by the Ministry of Education, University and Research(MIUR) and is identical across the whole country, consisting of a number of multiple-choice questions on topics of general knowledge, logical reasoning, biology, chemistry, physics and mathematics.

Graduates of the Degree Course in Medicine and Surgery will be able to practise the many professions of doctor-surgeon in the professional clinical, medical and bio-medical fields. The degree in Medicine and Surgery also allows graduates to participate in the selection procedures for access to specialist schools, 2ndlevel master's degrees and numerous research doctorates in the biomedical field.

The course has a duration of six years, each divided into two semesters, for a total of 360 credits. It comprises formal teaching activities (lectures, seminars); integrated courses with non-formal activities (group work, exercises and tutorials); professional training activities in the various fields of medicine and surgery, held mainly in the healthcare facilities near the University; elective activities chosen by the individual student and a final test.