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Master’s Degree Course LM52

The Master's Degree Course in Global Studies and the EU proposes the study of international relations starting from the perspective of the role of the EU as a global actor. From a survey carried out on the Italian teaching systems, it constitutes an unicum in the national panorama of the LM52 class educational offer.

The course aims to provide advanced multidisciplinary skills, necessary to operate in the professions that constitute the field of action of international politics: from the most traditional careers in diplomacy and international offices - meeting the needs of diplomacy in the 21st century - to jobs in sectors with a strong international vocation, such asconsultancy companies, private companies and otherpublic administrations, not forgetting the world ofNGOs and thethird sector, the context ofthink tanks and of national and international research institutes. These professional figures are essential in the management of relevantissues both at European and global level. Just to give some examples: migration flows, peace enforcement and peace building processes, global market regulation, Internet governance, etc. Implementing the guidelines of the 2008 Tokyo Global Studies Consortium with regard to interdisciplinarity, transnationality, approach to contemporaneity, historical perspective and global perspective, the two-year Course focuses on some of the main challenges - as well as on some crucial geopolitical areas - towards which the EU is showing greater interest and capacity for initiative.The two curricula of the training project - one curriculum inInternational Politics and Security Governance and one curriculum inPolicies for European Union Strategies - purposefully reflect this perspective. Moreover, both curricula are in direct continuity with the educational path of the Bachelor’s Degree Course inDiplomatic, International and Global Security Studies, and complete consistently the entire five-year period of study. The innovative nature of this Master’s Degree Course is particularly evident from the mix of teaching subjects and training opportunities it offers. On the one hand, in addition to the basic teaching subjects - such as International Relations, Intercultural Law, Diplomatic and Consular Law – and the in-depth study of two Foreign Languages, we find teaching subjects related toStrategic studiesand including an IT perspective, such asInnnovation Management for Strategic Decision,Internet Governance, which deal withSecurity Governance issues from an international viewpoint. On the other hand, students have the possibility to deepen the study of a range of issues pertaining to EU politics and policies. In this context, it is worth mentioning courses such asGlobal Gender Studies (one of the few courses in Italy dedicated to gender issues),History of Modern and Contemporary Empires, Mediterranean Studies: History and Economics, as well as the wide range of seminar and laboratory initiatives of theAnna Lindh Chair of Euro-Mediterranean Studies, which focus in particular on the themes of migration policies, EU cooperation and development policies. Made even more robust by a series of educational activities focused on specific issues of strategic importance for Europe, this study path looks to the external projection of the EU, in particular to its relations with the area of ​​the Mediterranean countries, the real ground on which the EU measures itself as a global player in the international arena.

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