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The Bachelor’s degree program in Computer Science aims at forming graduates with an adequate mastery of general scientific methods and contents and a wide range of knowledge and skills in the field of Science and Information Technologies. The program provides theoretical, methodological, experimental and applicative skills in the foundational areas of information technology, laying the conceptual and technological basis for the computer science approach to the study of problems and for the design, production and use of the variety of applications required to organize, manage, and access information and knowledge in today Information Society. The graduate in Computer Science will be able to contribute to the planning, design, development, testing, and management of systems for information generation, transmission, and processing.

Graduates in Computer Science will acquire:

- knowledge and skills in the various fields of science and information and communication technologies aimed at their use in the design, development, and management of IT systems;

- ability to face and analyze problems and to develop IT systems for their solution;

- survey methodologies and the ability to apply them in concrete situations with appropriate knowledge of mathematical tools to support computer skills;

- ability to work in groups, to operate with defined degrees of autonomy and to be fully integrated into the workplace.

The courses usually include some project work and problem-solving activities which students are expected to carry out dealing directly with the most advanced IT tools. A traineeship activity (at least 11 credits) can take place at numerous IT companies and affiliated institutions, in Italy or abroad. Students can also take advantage of specialized laboratories for the development of research in the various topics of Computer Science.


To enroll in the Computer Science Bachelor’s Degree Program, it is necessary to take part in a mandatory assessment access test. The test aims to assess student's aptitude and his degree of preparation in mathematics, logic and verbal comprehension. The test is mandatory and based on the results, specific additional Educational Obligations can be assigned to the students.The Test is the TOLC-I, which is managed by CISIA.