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The Master’s degree program in Economics, Government and Administration is designed to give an advanced knowledge of the functional aspects of public and private administrations. The program provides an interdisciplinary approach to administration by combining elements of economics, statistics, business science and law in order to equip graduates with skills and knowledge covering a broad range of topics and disciplines relevant to the public and private administration.

The program is organized in two curricula: ‘Government and Administration’ covers disciplines related to innovation law, innovation technologies, public services economics; ‘Environmental Economics and Administration’ includes environmental and European law, sustainable development, circular economy, human resource management. Both curricula provide courses in labor law, advanced macroeconomics, advanced statistics, business science, European project management.

Job opportunities

The Master’s degree program in Economics, Government and Administration provides advanced competences for those interested in pursuing professional careers in public and private administration sectors, public policy and management, labor consulting and firm consulting in the administration and organization fields. Careers opportunities can be found in environmental planning, public policy, city management, at the local, state/provincial, national/federal and supranational levels, but also in the private sector as professional law and economic consultant, administration and project manager.


Graduates will be able to apply their competences in public and private management, with autonomous competencies in markets analysis, public intervention planning, quantitative analyses, law application in the public, administrative and labor fields, European project management.

The degree also develops the student's practical and communication skills, and problem solving capability. The program incorporates training and practical experience, in the form of case projects and project works, presentations, internship and interaction with experts.


Course Length

2 Years

N. of credits


Level of degree


Ministerial decree n.

D.M. 270/2004​

Degree class

LM-56 - Economics
LM-63 - Public administration

University location


Program Director


Detailed information on the course are available on the ESSE3 university platform