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Course Description

Our master’s degree in Modern Philology (LM-14) is held at the Fisciano Campus at the Department of Humanities and is a two year course. The degree is awarded once 120 credits have been obtained. There is also the possibility for students to enrol on a part-time basis according to university regulations and provisions.

Admission to the master’s degree is possible following an evaluation of students’ academic background in philology, linguistics, history and literature, demonstration of a good level of competency in a foreign language as well as a minimum grade of 100/110 (or recognised equivalent) achieved at undergraduate level. Students who do not meet the aforementioned requirements are evaluated at interview which takes place once annually.

The master’s degree in Modern Philology investigates the fundamentals of the discipline such as philology, literature, language (also foreign language) and history. The course also includes laboratories and workshops focussing on “IT” as well as “methodologies.” These laboratories aim to give the modern “intellectual” humanist a wider range of transferable skills. Therefore, there is a wide range of disciplinary teaching options to choose from and the master’s degree is organised into two main curricular pathways (as follows) as well as an excellence pathway which leads to a joint Italian-French degree:

  1. Disciplinary Didactics, Training and Research
  2. Digital Humanities for Cultural Businesses and Research

The first pathway aims to prepare students to become professionals within the teaching fields of linguistics, history and literature as well as acquiring research skills in those same areas.

The second pathway places greater focus on research and prepares students to become professionals who work with the digital promotion of cultural products. In particular, students are able to create, analyse and elaborate texts of various formats and types (ranging from digitally archived manuscripts to electronic corpora), all of which originate from different eras, with the aim to render them accessible by adapting them for contemporary uses.

The excellence pathway has been available since 2016-2017 through an international convention with the Université Rennes 2 (France) – master’s degree entitled “Master Lettres et Humanités, Parcours Littérature et Culture Italiennes” and the University of Salerno – master’s degree in “Modern Philology.” This study pathway allows students to divide their studies between the University of Salerno and the Université Rennes 2 leading to a joint degree issued by both universities. For each academic year there are 4 places available for the joint degree from each university and those chosen will be awarded a study grant according to the university regulations.

Further information is available at the following link.

In preparation for the world of work, all pathways include a period of internship, whether in Italy or abroad, at affiliated organisations and businesses as well as the possibility to study abroad as a part of the Erasmus programme.