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Presentation of the three-year degree course in Philosophy, L 5

The three-year degree course in Philosophy L 5 is run by the Department of Cultural Heritage Sciences based at the University Campus of Fisciano. To obtain the degree the student must acquire 180 CFUs. Part-time enrolment is also possible, according to the rules laid down by the University.

Admission to the course is subject to an assessment test, which is indicative and not selective, aimed at verifying the adequacy of the candidate’s initial preparation in the fields of logic-linguistics, text comprehension, as well as philosophical and general culture. The content, timing and methods of the test are published on the Department's website as well as the activation of any additional educational support courses are defined annually in the Study Manifesto and published on the Department's website.

Although it has changed in terms of time and form (from a single four-year course to the current one, comprising a three-year course plus a two-year master's degree course), the Philosophy degree course at Salerno still retains its original and intrinsic purpose, that is to provide students with intellectual tools that enable them to develop critical ability and formulate informed judgements on human thought and action.

The course of study aims at training students in the fields of research relevant to the philosophical tradition; it is designed to ensure broad and concrete competence, which is essential in a range of cultural and productive activities that require trainers and professional mastery:

  1. terminological, methodological, teaching, and critical skills;
  2. text analysis skills;
  3. ability to critically evaluate social, moral, and religious, aesthetic and psycho-pedagogical issues.