Postgraduate Statistics

Ingegneria Informatica Postgraduate Statistics

Postgraduate Statistics

Statistiche occupazionali dei nostri Ingegneri

A Bachelor or a Master's degree in Computer Engineering provides the neessary skills to work:

  • in SMEs with a high level of innovation that look for people able of producing innovative design solutions, participating in national and international calls, managing complex projects in collaboration with national and foreign partners, recognizing the strategic value of intellectual property rights and the tools to protect it;
  • in research centers that are part of large companies and that look for researchers able to draw on the scientific, technological and methodological knowledge already available but also to produce the necessary knowledge for the innovation of complex products and processes;
  • in public or private research centers for which there is a growing demand for researchers capable of producing new knowledge.

Here, some useful data:

  • about the 90% of students either get a job or enroll in the Master's degree within one year of the Bachelor's degree in Computer Engineering (source ALMALAUREA);
  • the employment rate of postgraduates in Computer Engineering within one year from the Master's degree is 94.5% (source ALMALAUREA);
  • the probabilities to be employed by some companies are higher compared to other courses and they are further growing (source Professions UNIONCAMERE)