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Presentation of the three-year degree course in Cultural Heritage Sciences, L 1

The three-year degree course in Cultural Heritage Sciences (L 1) is run by the Department of Cultural Heritage Sciences, based at the University Campus of Fisciano. To obtain the degree the student must acquire 180 CFUs. Part-time enrolment is also possible, according to the rules laid down by the University.

The adequacy of the candidate’s initial preparation must be verified by means of a non-selective test, which aims at verifying logic abilities, comprehension, and contextualisation of a written text, skills relevant to the specific field of study and general knowledge. The content, timing and methods of the test are published on the Department's website.

After a foundation year, the degree course proceeds into three branches: archaeology, archival-library studies, and art history.

The degree course stems from a territorial context that presents particular socio-economic issues but also great potential with respect to the promotion and enjoyment of its cultural, archaeological, art historical, and archival heritage. The degree course derives from many years of teaching and management experience that responds to the specific demands of the surrounding territory.
It aims at meeting the needs of students who either intend to obtain a three-year degree in order to enter the professional world, or wish to continue their academic studies by enrolling on master's degree programmes.
The degree course aims at training graduates who have acquired a broad base of historical, theoretical, and methodological knowledge in the fields of archaeology, art history, and archival and library studies, and who have acquired adequate skills in the production and organisational levels of these sectors. More specifically, it aims at offering historical and literary knowledge, methodologies of analysis and interpretation, language skills, IT, and legal knowledge that can enable graduates to master flexibly this knowledge and adapt it to the varied and constantly changing demands of the professional world. It also aims at offering an organic and coherent cultural preparation that will enable graduates to acquire further skills through master’s degree courses, internships, or post-graduate professional courses.

To sum up, this degree course aims at training professional figures of experts, operators, and technicians with competence applicable to the cultural and professional realities of the area of reference of the University of Salerno. Indeed, the course includes a compulsory professional training period to be carried out at affiliated organisations.

Graduates who, after having obtained a three-year degree in Cultural Heritage Sciences, wish to continue their university studies can access the two-year Master's degrees in Archaeology and Ancient Cultures, Management and Valorisation of Archives and Libraries, and Art History and Criticism, which are active at the University of Salerno and designed organically in line with the three-year course.