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The Bachelor in Tourism Sciences has a three-years duration (180 credits) and provides graduates with knowledge and skills suitable for achieving versatile and flexible professional competence in the tourism sector. Graduates will be prepared to work in companies, public and private organizations, and regional, national, and international entities of the tourism industry. Furthermore, the qualification will allow graduates to access to Master Courses.

In this vein, the Bachelor in Tourism Sciences adopts a multidisciplinary approach, allowing students to acquire soft skills ranging from the economic, legal, managerial, and statistical-mathematical profile to the historical-artistic one, with particular attention to the area of territorial promotion and marketing.

The program provides linguistic improvement and participation in qualified and professionalizing internships, which will allow to refine technical skills (such as, for example, Problem Solving, Web and Social Media Marketing, Adaptability, Food & Beverage Management, Revenue Management), also under the practical profile. In addition, the Department of Economics and Statistics offers the possibility of studying abroad, as part of the Erasmus program, in numerous European universities.

Learning is constantly assessed via oral and written tests and interviews between teachers and students and with experts in the sector, who will share their experience and help students to gradually develop during their studies their full awareness of the work specialization that is more suited to individual aptitudes and talents.

A local programmed number is provided, numbering 100 students at maximum. The knowledge level of the incoming students will be assessed via the TOLC-SU exam, provided by the CISIA consortium (www.cisiaonline.it).