Seminario del prof. Josef Hynek della University of Hradec Kralove

12 maggio aula P6 ore 12-14

12 maggio aula P6 ore 12-14

Venerdì 12 maggio il prof. Josef Hynek della University of Hradec Kralove terrà un seminario in aula P6 ore 12-14.

Il prof. Hynek illustrerà l'organizzazione dell'università di Hradec Kralove e la relativa offerta formativa (numerosi corsi di studio sono offerti in lingua inglese sia a livello triennale che magistrale). Con tale università abbiamo attivo un accordo Erasmus+ per studio. L'incontro sarà particolarmente interessante per coloro che vorranno andare in Erasmus presso tale università.

Seguirà un seminario su algoritmi evolutivi. Di seguito l'abstract e un breve profilo del prof.Josef Hynek

Evolutionary Algorithms (Optimization techniques inspired by nature)

The aim of this lecture is to provide students with a general overview of modern optimization methods with a special focus on methods that were inspired by Darwin’s theory of evolution. The relevant methods will be illustrated on practical examples and real business cases. Some well known and famous as well as recent examples of successful utilization of these techniques will be presented. The lecture is suitable for any student of and no special mathematical or ICT background is needed.

Professor Josef Hynek is a graduate of the British University of Hull (MBA in Information Management) and Charles University in Prague (Ph.D. in Theoretical informatics). He has been working at the University of Hradec Kralove since 1991. In the years 2008-2016, he served as rector of the University of Hradec Kralove. He is currently the dean of the Faculty of Informatics and Management of the same university. His professional interests include soft-computing, project management and the science of failure. He has published more than a hundred professional articles and several books, one of which is on the topic of genetic algorithms and genetic programming.

Pubblicato il 10 Maggio 2023