Management and Enhancement of Archives and Libraries Presentation

Presentation of the two-year Master’s degree in the Management and Valorisation of Archives and Libraries, LM 5

The Master's degree course in the Management and Valorisation of Archives and Libraries has a duration of two years; to obtain the degree the student must acquire 120 CFU.

Admission to this Master's degree course requires specific curricular requirements and adequate personal preparation, which are verified by assessing the student's previous academic career. The procedures for verifying admission requirements and the criteria for assessing students' preparation for admission are published on the course website.

The degree course aims at filling a gap in advanced training in the field of archival and library studies with particular reference to southern Italy. The course also aims at meeting the needs for second-level training of graduates in Cultural Heritage, since other southern Italian universities currently lack a coherent path of continuity with regard to the archival and library studies curriculum.
Furthermore, the Master's degree course is a qualified response to the needs of a geographical area characterised by the presence of public and private institutions preserving archives and libraries, and traditionally engaged in the preservation and study of historical sources. National legislation obliges all public and private organisations to preserve, inventory, and render accessible their documentation, as well as to employ for these purposes professionals with high skills, capable of coordinating and managing archival and library materials. For this end, new and refined production and cataloguing methods must be implemented, which only advanced training can ensure.

This degree course aims at producing a professional figure who can work in archives and libraries, both public and private, with high-level duties aimed at implementing the most effective policies for the preservation, protection, and valorisation of archival and library materials, but also in the management of such institutions. Students will also be given adequate and specific training in digital culture and digital services on the one hand, and in audio-visual communication and documentation on the other.

This degree course also allows access to Specialisation Schools and PhDs in the specific sector, which are essential to access managerial positions in the Ministry of Cultural Heritage.