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The Master Course in Mathematics at the University of Salerno is an advanced level educational project in the mathematical field. It aims to provide the students with a solid preparation through advanced knowledge and in-depth skills in mathematics and its applications, both from the point of view of contents and methodological aspect, consolidated through a forty-year experience since the Academic Year 1980-81.

The qualification is regularly achieved in 2 years, accruing 120 training credits.

The course has two curricula:

  • Mathematics with General-Educational address,
  • Mathematics with Application-oriented address.

It offers a series of teachings, both in the different areas of mathematics and in related fields. It provides advanced skills, including the English language, comparable with those of the Master Courses of other European countries and the United States, which offer the opportunity to enter the global market and therefore to be able to carry out any work activity requiring a mathematical profile, even abroad.

The aim is to train professional figures characterized by a solid basic mathematical knowledge, mastery of higher level techniques and mathematical methods, even very sophisticated, familiarity with the scientific method of investigation, ability to formulate and solve complex problems of the applied sciences, developing practice with rigorous reasoning, studying discipline, habit of continuous updating, flexibility and adaptation to different thematic contexts, aptitude for communication and interaction with both training people and colleagues or specialists, even from other scientific disciplines.

The Course promotes and supports international mobility initiatives, mainly within the framework of the Erasmus Program.

The teaching program of the Master Course in Mathematics includes two teachings about mathematical education: these fall within the teaching methodologies and technologies of the 24 CFU training path, mandatory for access to the competition for secondary school teachers.

In addition to accessing the traditional teaching career and entering into specialist research, the master graduated can cover scientific and organizational roles of high responsibility. For example, the management of research groups and computer centers in private companies or public institutions, to carry out mathematical profile activities in stable or independent form in several areas of economic and social reality, including industry, economics and finance, services, public administration, scientific dissemination, environment and health care. The website (in Italian):

provides a detailed description of job opportunities and professional careers for mathematicians.

Brilliant master graduated find natural access to the PhD in Mathematics, Physics and Applications, active since long at the University of Salerno, in which they are trained towards the different careers of scientific research, deepening advanced topics in each scientific area of mathematics.