Dentistry Presentation

The Master’s Degree in Dentistry and Dental Prosthetics (course code LM-46) has a duration of 6 years for a total of 360 credits, at least 90 of which must be acquired in clinical training and integrated with other professional development activities in the University Hospital (AOU) healthcare facilities.

The first tw oyears focus on the fundamentals in order to familiarise students with the structural organization and vital functions of the human body. This includes courses that address issues related to the doctor-patient relationship and the understanding of the principles underlying scientific methodology.

The next three years include the study of medical, surgical and specialist disciplines, with a particular focus on the clinical problems of dental pathologies. The sixth year is mainly dedicated to practical clinical activities. Attendance of all teaching activities is compulsory.

By the end of the course of study, the graduate in Dentistry and Dental Prosthetics will have acquired the knowledge and technical skills required to enter the private and/or public dental profession. This will include the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of congenital and acquired diseases and anomalies of the teeth, mouth, jaw bones, temporo mandibular joints and related tissues, as well as dental rehabilitation and the prescription of all the medicines and orthodontic appliances needed to exercise the profession.

Graduates may also carry out 1st and 2nd level management activities in National Health Service facilities, as provided for by current legislation.

Finally, graduates will have developed the necessary learning skills to undertake specialist studies.