Data Science and Innovation Management Tutoring

The Study Course offers its students three types of tutors who can help you to make the most out of your university experience.

A tutor teacher for you

At the time of enrollment, you will be assigned a tutor-teacher to whom you can ask for any problems related to the study courses such as, for example, the choice of curriculum, optional and free choice exams, supplementary activities, and opportunities to study abroad.

Tutor Students

If you want advice or support to pass some exams, you can turn to the tutor-students, specially selected students who, thanks to their experience, can give you useful advice on your study method and deepen the teacher's teaching with exercises and explanations.

Peer tutors

If you have needs related to specific learning disabilities or disorders (DSA), au pair tutors can help you with individual lessons to better organize your study path and prepare you for exams. All information is available on the UNISA page about this topic.

Where and when to meet the tutors

You can meet your tutors:

  • the first day at the master's degree course presentation
  • in the classroom during the first lessons

For didactic-methodological needs, which concern single lessons and the related exams, you can also turn to the teachers of the courses, who carry out the tutoring service during their office hours. See the office hours on this page.

For further information, please contact the DISA-MIS Guidance and Mentoring Commission.