Pharmacy (07601) Tutoring

Tutoring activities are aimed at providing students with the opportunity to receive useful suggestions and advice for their college life.

The Tutor Lecturer is a lecturer whose task is to facilitate and foster the students' course of study.

The task of the Tutor Lecturer is:

  • provide students with suggestions and advice for good organization of university life
  • make known the educational objectives, basic skills needed and methods of study for each teaching
  • direct students in choosing supplementary and elective related courses and thesis to enhance individual aptitudes and interests.

Tutoring is for all those enrolled in Pharmacy Degree Courses and does not involve teaching assistance, which is carried out by faculty members of institutional courses.

Assignment of Tutor Lecturer is done using the Rule of Resumes:

  1. the freshman number, devoid of first digits (e.g., 07601, 07603) and non-significant zeros, is divided into remainder classes modulo 35 (i.e., the number of Tutor Lecturers, see Tabella Docenti Tutor.pdf)
  2. the integer quotient is multiplied by the modulo remainder (35) and the result subtracted from the initial freshman number
  3. the result obtained determines the Tutor Lecturer assignment, according to the Remainder-Tutor Naming correspondence (see Tabella Docenti Tutor.pdf)


Bachelor of Pharmacy student, freshman xxxx/00116.

  1. To obtain the modulo remainder we divide the number 116 by 35 (number of tutor teachers): 116 : 35 = 3.314
  2. The integer of the quotient is considered, in this case 3
  3. The integer of the quotient, in this case 3, is multiplied by 35 and the product is subtracted from the freshman number to get the integer remainder

Remainder = 116 - 35 x 3 = 11

11 is the code that corresponds to the Tutor Teacher assigned to the student.

The lists showing the Tutor Lecturer assigned to each student (identified through the matriculation number) are given in the attached files.

For further information contact the person in charge: prof. Gianluigi Lauro:

Phone: 089969124

E-mail address: glauro@unisa.it