Pharmacy International

The School Board in Pharmacy carries out intensive Internationalization activities to strongly encourage its students to experience international mobility, both for study (Erasmus+ for study) and internship (Erasmus+ traineeship).

Why have an international mobility experience?

  • First of all, a mobility experience can be life-changing because it is deeply enriching both humanly and professionally
  • Remember that companies know this very well! Which is why among so many applicants they give priority to students who have had an international mobility experience
  • Your network of contacts grows exponentially: they are friends for life, but also international partners who can be the key to your success as a future professional engaged in the world of work
  • With such an experience, your language skills improve dramatically!
  • Remember that the University of Salerno provides a number of opportunities for students who have won an Erasmus+ mobility grant (500 euros for each month of mobility)
  • It is possible to take online foreign language courses
  • You can take advantage of financial benefits for those who take a language course at the University Language Center
  • You are entitled to a bonus point in the calculation of your final degree grade if you have had an international mobility experience.

The Department of Pharmacy has numerous study and traineeship mobility agreements.

For more information see the Erasmus+ agreements page and the International website and contact prof. Stefania Terracciano (