Student Services

Information Engineering for Digital Medicine Student Services

The Student Services offered by the Didactic Council in Computer Engineering are oriented towards satisfying the needs that the student typically presents. For the educational-cultural needs, which concern the understanding of the educational offer and the choice of a particular cultural path within it, the services are offered by the Orientation in Entrance and by the Study Plans for the Degree and by the Delegate to the Study Plans for the Master Degree.

For the didactic-methodological needs, which concern the courses to be followed and the exams to be tackled, the services are offered by the teachers of the courses, in their reception hours. Specific support actions may also be provided on some courses, please consult the Guidance in Itinere. For the needs of a professional nature, which concern the inclusion in the world of work, the services are offered by the final exam supervisor, by the company tutor and academic during the period of external training, by the outgoing guidance.

General Services