Lingue e Letterature Moderne Presentation

Course Description

Our master’s degree in Modern Languages and Literatures is held at the Fisciano Campus at the Department of Humanities and is a two year course. The degree is awarded once 120 credits have been obtained. There is also the possibility for students to enrol on a part-time basis according to university regulations and provisions.

The master’s degree follows on from the undergraduate degree in Foreign Languages and Cultures. The degree allows students to develop advanced skills in modern languages including English, French, German, Russian and Spanish as well as literatures and cultures in European and American nations.

The degree is divided into three different pathways which have clearly defined learning objectives:

  1. Literature and Literary Translation: acquiring advanced philological, critical, historical-literary skills through the study of literary texts in the different languages students are specialising in as well as pedagogical skills for teaching linguistics, literature and foreign literatures;
  2. Linguistics and Language Teaching: acquiring linguistic and methodological tools for use within the field of language studies as well as pedagogical skills for teaching foreign languages (including Italian as an L2);
  3. Languages for Territorial Resources and Economies: the development and application of linguistic, artistic, archiving and digital skills within the tourism and cultural field as well as using geoeconomics, planning and IT skills within international business and international cooperation contexts.

In order to encourage student autonomy and the possibility to apply skills learned within a professional context, the degree course includes laboratories (workshops) as well as internships within businesses and institutions. Workshops and internships can also be carried out during periods of international mobility.