Placements and Internships

Data Science and Innovation Management Placements and Internships

Master Degree students have to follow the mandatory activity of curricular internship called "TIROCINIO" (Italian curriculum) or "INTERNSHIP" (English curriculum) of 3 CFU/ECTS, equal to 75 working hours.

The internship represents the completion of the study course and pursues didactic objectives and/or the acquisition of the productive world knowledge, therefore it does not constitute a working relationship.

During the internship, the training activity is followed and verified by a tutor-teacher appointed by the Internship and Traineeships Commission as a didactic-organizational manager, and by a company tutor.

To start the internship it is necessary to stipulate a special agreement between the University and the Company and to prepare a detailed training project.

Curricular internship activation procedures

Students can select the Company for the internship by themselves.

They will necessarily have to contact potential Companies and verify their willingness to define a training project consistent with the study course and skills acquired during the pathway.

The Department makes available to students through this website some internship projects (in the section below: Companies that have an agreement for the internship).

It is also possible to do the internship at Research Centers, Consortiums, Spin-offs located at the University of Salerno.

Finally, it is necessary to identify a professor (academic tutor), designated by the competent Commission (following the evaluation of the training project) who will follow the student in carrying out the internship activity and who will evaluate his/her overall work at the end of the practical experience.

The academic tutor and thesis supervisor will coincide in the case of an internship related to the thesis.

It is necessary to make arrangements with the Company at least one month before the presumed activity starting date.

Intership Activation and Implementation

Traineeships in external companies (outside UNISA)

The trainee, after having reached an agreement with the Company and the academic tutor, must provide the company with all the information useful for preparing the agreement and the training project.

Convention and training project must be signed by all subjects before the experience starts. The student can start his or her internship only after signing and approving both documents.

Internship term and verbalization

At the end of the internship, the student must present the following documents to his/her academic tutor:

  • Student evaluation of the company experience;
  • Company tutor evaluation;
  • Student report;
  • Internship register (signed by the company tutor);
  • Internship Certificate (signed by the academic tutor).

The documents, complete in every required part, must be submitted to the competent offices which, after the necessary checks, will proceed to the recording of the acquired CFU in career.

The curriculum internship, as a training activity not subject to frontal teaching and consequent passing of exams, will be evaluated with judgment (passed/not passed).

For further information about forms and internship, please contact the following email addresses: