Digital Health and Bioinformatic Engineering International

DIEM carries out an intense internationalization activity thanks to which all students of the three-year and master's degree courses in Computer Engineering can study and carry out their own thesis or internship.

In addition, the Department has a special Internationalization Committee that promotes the internationalization activities in terms of teaching (double degree courses), student mobility (in and out) of the mobility of teaching staff and research promoting collaborations with other universities and foreign research institutions. ERASMUS + program To whom it is addressed The Erasmus + program allows each student to benefit from a period of study or internship abroad for a maximum of 12 months for each study cycle (three-year degree, master's degree and doctorate).

The mobility grant is € 500 per month. How to access the program Access to the program is very simple. Just fill in the online application in the UNISA section - International for Study or for Training.

In the application you will need to specify one of the destination Universities with which our Department has signed an agreement. Remember to compare yourself with the person in charge of contact with the destination university in identifying the courses to be supported during the mobility