Digital Health and Bioinformatic Engineering Tutoring

The tutoring activity is aimed at providing students the opportunity to receive suggestions and advice for a good organization of university life, to know the training objectives, the basic skills necessary and the methods of study for each teaching and, moreover, to assist them in the elaboration of the study plan and in the choice of the most suitable degree thesis in order to enhance its competences, attitudes and interests.

In particular, the main task of tutoring is to provide: general information on the degree course, to know the main contents, the training objectives, the basic skills necessary to attend the courses, the methods of study; assistance in drawing up the study plan, also to recover unequal starting conditions; assistance with the choice of the degree thesis and / or the internship, to enhance the student's skills, aptitudes and interests.

The Teaching Council of Computer Engineering has a Tutoring Commission whose job is to offer the service of tutoring and orientation to students.