Visual arts, Music and Theatre Studies Presentation

Presentation of the three-year degree course in Disciplines of the Visual Arts, Music, and Performing Arts (DAViMuS), L 3

The three-year degree course in Disciplines of the Visual Arts, Music, and Performing Arts (DAViMuS) (L 3) is run by the Department of Cultural Heritage Sciences, based at the University Campus of Fisciano. To obtain the degree the student must acquire 180 CFUs. Part-time enrolment is also possible, according to the rules laid down by the University.

In order to be admitted to the degree course, it is necessary to hold a high school diploma or equivalent qualification obtained abroad, recognised as acceptable in accordance with the laws currently in force. The requirements for admission consist of:

- language skills and cultural knowledge usually acquired in high schools and humanities colleges.

- logic skills.

- ability to understand and contextualise a written text.

The adequacy of the candidate’s initial preparation must be verified by means of a non-selective test, which aims at verifying logic abilities, comprehension, and contextualisation of a written text, as well as general knowledge and competence relevant to the specific field of study. The outcome of the test, which is not binding for enrolment purposes, is aimed at ascertaining whether it is necessary to supplement the initial preparation with targeted teaching activities. The contents, timing and procedures for the conduct and assessment of the test and the procedures for assigning additional training obligations are defined annually in the Study Manifesto and published annually on the Department's and degree course's website.

The DAViMuS degree course aims at providing graduates with historical, theoretical, and methodological knowledge applicable in the sectors of theatre, cinema, figurative arts, music, and communication, as well as adequate skills in the production and organisational activities of these fields. More specifically, the course aims at providing students with a historical and cultural education centred on the performing arts and music, specific methodologies for analysis and interpretation, and language and IT skills. Students will acquire professional competence through meeting with representatives of the major production realities in the area as well as through curricular internships at external organisations; they will develop flexible knowledge capable of adapting to the varied and constantly- changing demands of the professional world of artistic production, communication, and promotion of events.

Students who have obtained a three-year degree in DAViMuS can continue their university studies by choosing between professional post-graduate degree courses or Master's degree courses of the LM 65 class, in particular the Master's degree in Performing Arts and Multimedia Production run by the University of Salerno, is specifically designed to follow the three-year DAViMuS.

The Fisciano Campus offers the opportunity to cultivate an interest in theatre, cinema, music, and communication, as it has a state-of-the-art, 300-seat theatre, in which shows and musical events of significant artistic interest related to the teaching of DAViMuS are held.