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Presentation of the two-year Master’s degree in Philosophy, LM 78

The Master's degree course in Philosophy LM 78 is run by the Department of Cultural Heritage Sciences based at the University Campus in Fisciano and has a duration of two years. Part-time enrolment is also possible, according to the rules laid down by the University.
To obtain the degree the student must acquire 120 CFUs.

Admission to the Degree Course in Philosophy requires a degree in Philosophy class L 5 (or class 29 ex D.M. 509) or, in the case of degrees in different classes, credits in basic and appropriate scientific sectors. Admission is also subject to verification of the adequacy of academic preparation. The preparation of those who have obtained the degree with a mark of at least 100/110 is considered adequate. In the event of a lower mark, preparation is verified through an interview. The procedures for verifying the admission requirements and the criteria for assessing the preparation of the candidates are published on the course website.

Through study, dissemination, communication, teaching, and research, the Philosophy degree course aims at providing students with the intellectual tools that enable a capacity to formulate informed judgements on human thought and action.
The course of study aims at providing specialised skills and knowledge, which expand and deepen the knowledge acquired during the three-year degree course in Philosophy. More specifically, the Master's degree course in Philosophy offers students the opportunity to pursue their study of the subject areas identified in the L 5 course, adding to the basic knowledge they previously acquired, competence relevant to the analysis of philosophical texts (both ancient and modern, in their original languages), as well as a critical approach to the most recent philosophical historiography and philosophical debates, and to issues concerning the teaching of philosophy.