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The PhD Program in Computer Science aims at training research specialists with an excellent knowledge about the methodological technological, experimental, and application aspects of the different areas of Computer Science. The main research areas include cybersecurity, computer networks, distributed, parallel and cloud computing, human computer interaction, software engineering, software quality, software project management, system verification, computer vision and biometric systems, virtual and augmented reality, datanases and information systems, geographical information systems, data mining and big data analytics, artificial intelligence and machine learning, theoretical computer science, code theory, musical computer science, web engineering, and mobile systems.

The aim of the Program is to provide high-level training in the field of creation, management, and dissemination of high-level scientific knowledge in the areas of interest. The objective is the creation of a high-level professional dedicated not only to research, but also to its management and to the development of innovation, in universities, research centers and companies.

Particular emphasis is given to smart and enabling technologies for Industry 4.0, in particular with reference to the Internet of Things, for which the Department of Computer Science has been awarded and received government funds as Department of Excellence. The PhD program includes two curricual, one dedicated to these themes (Internet of Things and Smart Technologies) and the other one a more general (Computer Science and Information Technology).

To complete their PhD program students will develop a research project within one of the research labs of the Department of Computer Science, under the supervision of a Faculty member. Moreover, they will attend courses on different topics of computer science, courses to improve language skills, and courses aimed at gaining knowledge about funding systems and management of research projects, as well as exploitation and protection of research results. PhD students will work on national and international research projects and in cooperation with industries and will spend a period of at least three months in a foreign research institution.

The Faculty members of the PhD program board are well known within the international scientific community, with publications in the main international journals and conferences, international collaborations and partnerships, and roles in editorial boards of international journals and organising and scientific committees of international conferences.

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