Translational Medicine for Development and Active Ageing Presentation

DIPMED offers the most deserving graduates the possibility to complete a PhD in "Translational Medicine for Development and Active Ageing" Ministerial Decree 45/2013).

A PhD offers numerous possibilities for employment. It enables access to a university career, to continuing studies in public and private research institutions as well as to the upper levels of Healthcare management.
A PhD qualification offers numerous career opportunities both at home and abroad.

The course has a duration of three years and, in accordance with legal provisions, the number of places is limited. A Master's Degree or equivalent qualification is required for admission, which is determined by selection procedures. The candidates with the highest merit scores receive scholarships.

The educational activities taking place over the three years aim to foster competences in the fields of: integrated management of fragility, chronic conditions and multiple morbidities; translational and clinical medicine; molecular, radiological, clinical and cognitive-behavioural markers of development and functional decline; innovative technologies in translational medicine.

  • Translational Medicine for Development and Active Ageing