Job Placement


The Job Placement activities are coordinated by the Orientation and Placement Commission and are integrated with the activities promoted by the University Placement Office.

The Placement Service of the University operates as a meeting point between the University and the job market in order to intensify the relationship between University and companies of the local and national economy, as well as institutions, associations and, more generally, all external actors in order to promote and accompany the introduction of students and graduates of the University of Salerno into the job market.

AlmaLaurea Portal

AlmaLaurea is a Interuniversity Consortium established in 1994 and currently counts 76 Universities as members and aims to support graduates, universities and businesses also in a global perspective, cooperating with other European Countries in line with the Lisbon Strategy, and also non-European countries, focussing on the Mediterranean basin countries and most recently on Asian country, especially China.

In the section dedicated to Services for Students and Graduates it is possible to register on the AlmaLaurea portal, update one's curriculum submitted before graduation, and finally search job opportunities on AlmaLaurea portal.

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