Filosofia International

Department Delegate to the Internationalisation: prof.ssa Francesca DELL'ACQUA

Delegate to International Mobility for the Educational Area of Philosophy (Consiglio Didattico di Filosofia): prof. Marco RUSSO

An International Mobility Commission, composed of lecturers and coordinated by the Department Delegate to the Internationalisation, guarantees the necessary logistical and educational support to both incoming and outgoing students of DiSPaC.

The University's International Relations-Erasmus office maintains official relations with foreign institutions, follows all the procedures related to the issuing of calls, and assists Mobility students (incoming and outgoing) during the period of their stay abroad or atUNISA.UNISA organizes free Italian language courses for incoming students as well as foreign language courses for outgoing students.

Erasmus Calls

An Erasmus experience – either for study, dissertation research, or traineeship – is a qualifying element in a student's career. The graduation committee will evaluate positively any period of study spent abroad and will award extra marks on the graduation session.Every year DiSPaC organises information days on the occasion of the issuing of the Erasmus calls for study, dissertation research, or traineeship. All the agreements in place at DiSPAC are listed here.Students will be informed of information days through an eblast sent to their institutional email address (


Students can do an Erasmus Traineeship in lieu of a curricular traineeship. Before their departure, they should in any case initiate the procedure for enrolling in a traineeship, specifying they will do it abroad.

For the purpose of an Erasmus Traineeship students can either choose an institution/workplace abroad with whichUNISA has already an agreement is in place, or propose one of their choice. The hosting institution/workplace should fill the form “Lettera di Accettazione” here.


The list of agreements DiSPaC has with foreign institutions for the purpose of Erasmus+ can be found here:

International Mobility Commission (tutors)

Michele Abbate

Federico Carbone

Renato De Filippis

Francesca Dell’Acqua

Aurora Maria Egidio

Rosa Fiorillo

Massimiliano Locanto

Fausto Longo

Giacomo Pardini

Carmine Pinto

Marco Russo

Annamaria Sapienza

Francesco Vitale

For the current academic year, the calls for study abroad for Erasmus+ (study, dissertation research, or traineeship), joint degrees, and academic agreements with extra-EU countries, are published here: