Placements and Internships

Matematica Placements and Internships


The curricular internship is an experience aimed at completing university training through the implementation of activities that allow the knowledge acquired during the course of study to be put into practice and to guide towards a future informed professional choice.

It can be carried out in companies or accredited bodies after signing an agreement with the University (Framework Agreements) or with the Department of Mathematics (Individual Agreements) or in a research laboratory of the Department, under the supervision of a tutor. It is also possible to carry out internships as part of appropriate University Projects.

The curricular internship implies the acquisition of university training credits (3 credits) for a total number of 45 hours, intended as an overall hourly commitment to be dedicated to learning activities in the professional field.

For each internship there is a training project, which indicates the training objectives and defines the type, duration and methods of the internship. The training project must be in line with the training objectives of the Degree Course and must be suitable for the credits to be achieved. It must be approved by the tutor, the President of the Teaching Committee and the Director of the Department.

At the end of the training period, the activities carried out during the internship and the related results achieved are verified by the tutor for the purpose of formulating an opinion and validating the Internship Register.

Students interested in receiving the forms related to the training projects are invited to contact the Student Secretariat, email:

The agreements signed by the University can be found at the following link:

Organizations/Institutes interested in signing an agreement with the Mathematics Department for carrying out internships at their headquarters are invited to fill in the Agreement Proposal Form available on this web page and send it to

The Reference Person of the Department for the activities related to internships is prof. Barbara Martinucci, email: