Incoming Students

Scienze Biologiche Incoming Students

The orientation activities for incoming students are organized by the Orientation and Placement Committee, which includes the following faculty members:

prof. Anna Marabotti (head of the Committee, referee for PLS and delegate of DCB for the Incoming Orientation activities)

prof. Lillà Lionetti (President of the Master Degree in Biology)

prof. Elizabeth A. Illingworth (Erasmus and Internationalization contact person)

prof. Consiglia Tedesco (referee for Help Teaching - OFA)

prof. Margherita De Rosa (referee for Tutoring)

prof. Daniela Guarnieri (referee for Placement)

prof. Maria Vivo

dr. Stefania Martucciello (supporting referee for PLS)

The committee normally meets at the beginning of the first semester of the academic year to establish the activities to be carried out and assign the various tasks and timelines to the committee members who will be responsible for them, and at the beginning of the second semester to evaluate the actions carried out and plan those to be completed by the end of the year. For normal activities throughout the year, the head of the committe and the committee members communicate with each other via e-mail.

Regarding activities related to incoming orientation, the committee develops and manages activities related to the recruitment of secondary school students.
Examples of specific activities:

Participation in University initiatives for incoming orientation: The Course of Study makes use of the orientation services carried out by the University Center for Orientation and Tutoring (CAOT).
The University promotes several inbound orientation events organized each year by CAOT that involve all courses of study in the University and are intended for potential future students.

In particular, the University of Salerno, as part of the measures envisaged by the National Recovery and Resilience Plan (PNRR) governed by Ministerial Decree 934/2022 "Active School-University Orientation," has provided for the delivery of orientation paths (Unisa Orienta in tour) aimed at male and female students in the third, fourth and fifth classes of Higher Education Institutes.
The orientation program aims to facilitate the School/University transition through meetings held by professors, researchers and experts, with the possibility of involving teachers and upper secondary school teachers, so that, afterwards, orientation can continue to be given by personnel from within the high schools.
The CdS in Biological Sciences adheres to the activities envisaged by Ministerial Decree 934/2022 by providing orientation paths aimed at institutions of higher education participating in the program.

Additional incoming orientation initiatives organized independently by the CdS in Biological Sciences are as follows:

Participation of the CdS in the National Plan for Scientific Degrees (PLS) Project in Biology and Biotechnology, with the purpose of dissemination of scientific culture and incoming orientation, and having as recipients secondary schools in the areas bordering the University that request it. Within the framework of this project, a number of activities related to the actions envisaged in the project are organized by the CoS. The activities are organized on the basis of both the proposals of the CoS and the specific requests of the schools' reference teachers. The laboratory activities are generally held in February, during the teaching suspension, while the other activities are held at other times of the year, agreeing on the modalities and timing with the schools, mainly within the university structure. At the end of each activity, feedback questionnaires are prepared and administered to students and teachers, which are then analyzed to identify specific areas where interventions are required, or to improve the following year's offerings.

In addition, the CdS participates in any incoming orientation initiatives organized by the Department of Chemistry and Biology "A. Zambelli" of the University of Salerno. prof. Marabotti, head of the Orientation Committee of the CdS in Biological Sciences, is in fact also the DCB's Delegate for Incoming Orientation and coordinates the activities of the Department of Chemistry and Biology "A. Zambelli" Orientation Committee