Biologia International

An International Mobility Commission is active, coordinated by professor prof. Elizabeth Illingworth, to ensure the necessary logistical and didactic support for both incoming and outgoing students as well as constant collaboration with the relevant University Offices in order to encourage international student mobility. It is, however, the orientation of the CdS to encourage periods of international mobility during the course of study of the master's degree, rather than the bachelor's degree, although recently a growing interest has been noted even among bachelor's students to spend periods of training abroad.
The university makes available to students during the Erasmus Internship period a contribution to room and board expenses abroad in the range of 500-600 euros per month depending on the geographical area of the internship. Based on the exams passed, and conforming to those stipulated in the student's study plan, scores and CFUs are awarded according to an international conversion table to which the university refers.
In addition, mobile students (incoming and outgoing) benefit from the services of the University's International Relations-Erasmus Office, which takes care of contacts with foreign institutions, follows all procedures related to the issuance of calls for applications, and assists students throughout the period of their stay abroad or stay at the University. The office also takes care of services and procedures for the reception and stay of EU and non-EU foreign students who intend to pursue an academic degree or request recognition of academic studies completed abroad at the University of Salerno. The University also organizes free Italian language courses for incoming students.