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Erasmus+ International Mobility for Study:

Within the Erasmus Program it is possible to carry out a study period abroad of a minimum of 3 months and a maximum of 12. Upon return, the exams taken during the mobility will be recognized as an integral part of one's study programme.

During the mobility students will live a far-reaching international experience, they will meet many new friends, they will break down unnecessary prejudices, they will enrich their curriculum, they will obtain a scholarship and they will facilitate their entry into the world of work.

"Twenty years from now you will be disappointed not by the things you have done but by the things you have not done. So weigh anchor, leave safe harbors, catch the wind in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover" - Mark Twain

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You can find the list of Erasmus agreements for dipmat study at the following link:

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Erasmus+ International Mobility for Traineeship:

Mobility for Traineeship allows the student to carry out an internship period abroad for a minimum period of 2 months and a maximum of 12.

The mobility can be carried out during the normal course of study or within the maximum limit of 12 months from the achievement of the degree. To carry out the internship as a graduate, it is necessary to participate in the call and be selected while still in possession of student status.

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You can find the list of Erasmus agreements for dipmat trainsheep at the following link:

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Furthermore, for the Traineeship, the student can find a host institution (company, university, school) independently or with the help of a teacher.

N.B.: For master's degree students, the Traineeship within the ERASMUS Program could be a further possibility to achieve the 6 compulsory internship credits.

Thesis abroad:

Students enrolled in one of the master's degree courses of the University of Salerno can carry out all or part of the work related to the drafting of the degree thesis at academic and/or research institutions abroad, choosing any destination and institution in the world without any geographical restrictions.

Scholarships to carry out degree theses abroad are assigned through participation in a selection call. Interested students must present a research project in Italian and English which outlines the research objectives, motivation and sources to be explored during their stay abroad.

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N.B.: For both the degree course in Mathematics (L-35) and the master's degree course in Mathematics (LM-40), an additional point is foreseen in the calculation of the degree mark for those who have carried out study activities at the abroad in the Erasmus programme.

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