Matematica Presentation

The Bachelor Course in Mathematics of the University of Salerno aims to provide a solid preparation in the various areas of Mathematics, an ancient and constantly evolving discipline, whose applications contribute to the development of various other fields of knowledge.

Mathematics is not only a supporting discipline for all scientific and technological research, but also the universal scientific language, the basis of all sciences, the foundation of modern technology. Its study requires, and form, not only rigor and discipline, but also creativity, intuition and imagination.

The teaching activities of the Bachelor Course in Mathematics of the University of Salerno are consolidated on the basis of an extensive experience, developed over 4 decades, starting from the Academic Year 1980-81.

The Bachelor Course in Mathematics can be accessed with a high school diploma or equivalent foreign qualification. There is a mandatory, non-selective access test. The qualification is regularly achieved in 3 years, accruing 180 training credits.

The Bachelor Course in Mathematics offers a variety of teachings in the various areas of mathematics and also teachings aimed at acquiring good skills in physics and computer science, which contribute to providing the fundamental notions of scientific culture, not only for those who aim to address research and teaching, but also for those who intend to get involved professionally in the field of economic, technological and industrial applications.

The Bachelor Course in Mathematics provides both a theoretical training aimed at teaching and research, as well as a training of modeling, application and computational type. The training objectives are achieved mainly through didactic activities based on lectures in mathematics, computer sciences, physical disciplines, and also with laboratory activities in the latter area. In addition, the program of the course promotes and supports international mobility initiatives, mainly within the framework of the Erasmus Program.

The career opportunities of the Bachelor Course in Mathematics span several professional fields, in which the flexible and capable mindset in problem solving of mathematicians finds wide application. Sectors such as Education, Computer Science, Data Science, Economics, Finance and Insurance, Logistics and Transport, Scientific Communication should certainly be mentioned.

We advise to visit the website (in Italian)

for a detailed description of the job opportunities and for answers to typical questions, such as:

  • where do mathematics graduates work?
  • what kind of work can they do and what jobs do they usually do?
  • how does their professional career begin and develop?

As the AlmaLaurea surveys show, the majority of graduates, over 90%, enroll in Master's Courses. The natural outlet is the Master's Course in Mathematics (class LM-40), also offered by the University of Salerno. There are two optional paths:

  • Mathematics with General-Didactic address,
  • Mathematics with Application-oriented address,

to enable students to consolidate and increase their level of preparation in the fields of greatest interest.