Stakeholder Consultations

Matematica Stakeholder Consultations

The Course of Study considers it of fundamental importance to maintain an active and constant dialogue with representatives of the world of work, professional orders, graduates, students and lecturers, both during the planning and institution phase and during the revision of the educational project. Consultation of interested parties, in the presence or by means of questionnaires or sector studies, allows the Management Bodies to periodically verify the coherence between the demand for training and the cultural and professional profiles formed, making it possible to update the specific training objectives of the Course of Study also in relation to the employability of graduates.

  • Responsible for the consultation process: Delegate for the Stakeholder Consultations, in agreement with the President of the board of Professors
  • Methods and frequency of consultations: face-to-face or remotely; annual
  • List of stakeholders consulted (meeting of January 16th, 2023):
    • prof. Emiliano Barbuto, headmaster of the Galilei-Di Palo Institute, Salerno;
    • prof. Maria Brancaccio, Coordinator of the Mathematics Department of the Galilei-Di Palo Institute, Salerno;
    • Dr. Pietro D'Ambrosio, Corporate Software Factory Manager of LinearIT Spa (2);
    • Dr. Mario De Stefano, Director – Data Platform & AI of Techedge (6);
    • prof. Anna Rita Ferraioli, Professor of Mathematics and Physics at the B. Rescigno state high school, Roccapiemonte (Salerno);
    • Dr. Raffaele Maccioni, founder and CEO of ResearchWings;
    • Dr. Angelo Matarazzo, Research and Development manager of Nexsoft;
    • Dr. Michele Petrone, senior manager at Intellera Consulting;
    • Dr. Pierluca Pierro, technical director of Nexsoft;
    • Dr. Alfredo Troiano, technical director of NetCom Group.