Biologia Tutoring

Tutoring activities for students are organized by the Commissione Orientamento in entrata e in itinere. The head of the Commission is prof. Anna Marabotti (amarabotti@unisa.it).

The specific tutoring activities for the Master Degree in Biology are as follows:

- Thanks to the financial contribution of University funds the Department of Chemistry and Biology "A. Zambelli," offers tutoring services to prepare and support students in the classroom and/or laboratory, for group teaching activities and to support students with disabilities (contact person: prof. Margherita De Rosa). The Orientation and Placement Committee revaluates on an annual basis the level of support needed for individual courses and laboratory activities. The committee also assesses, through feedback questionnaires, the level of satisfaction of students and tutors who provide and use these support activities.

- Thesis internships (contact person: prof. Margherita De Rosa). Each year, the Orientation and Placement Committee identifies the topics available for thesis internships for master's degree students, and the research groups that are available to host students for thesis internships. These data are available on the website (click here to view it). The list is for guidance. Students are invited to contact faculty members directly to verify availability.