Biologia Tutoring

The tutoring activities for students are organized by the Orientation and Placement Committee, which includes the following faculty members:

prof. Anna Marabotti (head of the Committee, referee for PLS and delegate of DCB for the Incoming Orientation activities)

prof. Lillà Lionetti (President of the Master Degree in Biology)

prof. Elizabeth A. Illingworth (Erasmus and Internationalization contact person)

prof. Consiglia Tedesco (referee for Help Teaching - OFA)

prof. Margherita De Rosa (referee for Tutoring)

prof. Daniela Guarnieri (referee for Placement)

prof. Maria Vivo

dr. Stefania Martucciello (supporting referee for PLS

The committee normally meets at the beginning of the first semester of the academic year to establish the activities to be carried out and assign the various tasks and timelines to the committee members who will be responsible for them, and at the beginning of the second semester to evaluate the actions carried out and plan those to be completed by the end of the year. For normal activities throughout the year, the head of the committe and the committee members communicate with each other via e-mail.

The specific tutoring activities for the Master Degree are as follows:

- The Master Degree, thanks to the financial contribution of University funds and the Department of Chemistry and Biology "A. Zambelli," organizes tutoring, didactic-integrative, propaedeutic and remedial activities to support students in classroom or laboratory exercises, for group teaching activities and for support to students with disabilities. In particular, tutoring is reserved for activities to support teaching during the conduct of exercises and laboratories in a variety of courses. Each year, the Orientation and Placement Commission requests from the faculty their support needs and the type of tutor (generally or doctoral student) needed to support them and, based on the availability of funds, plans the assignment of these figures, the number of hours (congruent with the CFUs provided for the laboratory) and the possible need to multiply the laboratory, favoring laboratories attended by a greater number of students. The Orientation and Placement Committee also assesses, through feedback questionnaires, the degree of satisfaction of students and the tutors themselves with respect to these support activities and, based on the responses obtained, also plans activities for the following year.

- Survey of availability of thesis internships. Each year, the Orientation and Placement Committee conducts a reconnaissance of the topics available for thesis internships for master's degree students, and research groups that are available to host students for thesis internships. The data are collected are available on the website (click here to view it). The list is for guidance: other places may in fact become available in the future in laboratories and with faculty members not currently on the list. Students are invited to contact faculty members directly to verify the availability of places.