Incoming Students

Biologia Incoming Students

The orientation activities for incoming students are organized by the Orientation and Placement Committee, which includes the following faculty members:

prof. Anna Marabotti (head of the Committee and member of the DCB Incoming Orientation Commission)

prof. Elizabeth A. Illingworth (Erasmus and Internationalization contact person)

prof. Lillà Lionetti (referee for PLS)

prof. Consiglia Tedesco (referee for Help Teaching - OFA)

prof. Margherita De Rosa (referee for Tutoring)

dr Daniela Guarnieri (referee for Placement)

dr Maria Vivo

dr. Vincenzo Migliaccio

The committee normally meets at the beginning of the first semester of the academic year to establish the activities to be carried out and assign the various tasks and timelines to the committee members who will be responsible for them, and at the beginning of the second semester to evaluate the actions carried out and plan those to be completed by the end of the year. For normal activities throughout the year, the head of the committe and the committee members communicate with each other via e-mail.

Regarding activities related to orientation of incoming students, the committee develops and manages activities related to the recruitment of Bachelor degree students.
Examples of specific Activities:

  • Participation to university initiatives for incoming orientation: The Course of Study makes use of the orientation services offered by the University Center for Orientation and Tutoring (CAOT).
  • Personalized orientation interviews: prof. Anna Marabotti, head of the Orientation and Tutoring Commission of the CdS in Biology, is available to meet with students and bachelor's degree graduates who would like help in the choice of the Masters degree. To request an interview, simply send an email to to schedule an appointment.
  • a specific orientation event for the Master's Degree in Biology is dedicated to students in the third year of the Bachelor's Degree in Biological Sciences at the University of Salerno. Faculty members of the MSc in Biology present the educational objectives and topics of the individual courses. Final-year students and recent graduates of the LM in Biology also participate, giving testimony about their personal experience and answering students' questions. To ensure the maximum freedom of expression for the participating students, this last part is held in the absence of the faculty members. Finally, an anonymous feedback questionnaire is distributed to the students, which contains questions designed to assess whether the initiative was useful, comprehensive, and provided the information needed to make an informed choice of a master's degree program. The responses are then analyzed to identify specific areas where interventions or improvements that could be made in the future.

In addition, the CdS participates in any incoming orientation initiatives organized by the Department of Chemistry and Biology "A. Zambelli" of the University of Salerno. prof. Marabotti, head of the Orientation Commission of the CdS in Biological Sciences, is in fact also a member of the Orientation Commission of the Department of Chemistry and Biology "A. Zambelli," coordinated by the Department Orientation Delegate prof. Ermanno Vasca.