Matematica Enrollment

Enrollment for the Master's Degree in Mathematics

A.Y. YEAR 2022/2023



1. Enrollment in the Master's degree course requires the possession of a Bachelor’s degree or a three-year university diploma or another qualification obtained abroad and recognised as suitable under current legislation.

2. Admission to the Master of Science degree course in Mathematics requires a Bachelor’s degree in class L-35 Mathematical Sciences (or class 32 ex D.M. 509).

3. In the case of a Bachelor’s degree in different classes, it is necessary to have acquired an adequate number of CFUs in the basic and characterising Scientific Disciplinary Sectors envisaged by class L-35 and considered essential for a profitable continuation of the Master's degree in Mathematics. In particular, it is necessary to have obtained at least a total of 104 CFU, broken down as follows

n.42 basic CFU in the SSD MAT/01-09 of the Basic Mathematics Education area

n.62 characterising CFU in the SSD MAT/01-09 of the Theoretical or Modelling-Application Training area.

In the case of a lack of curricular requirements in terms of SSD/CFU, the Teaching Council indicates the educational activities necessary for their acquisition. Any curricular integrations in terms of CFUs must be acquired by the student prior to verification of individual preparation; enrollment with educational debts is not permitted in any case.

4. Admission to the Master's degree course also requires an adequate basic preparation in Mathematics.

5. Possession of the curricular requirements and the adequacy of personal preparation for admission is ascertained by means of an examination of the graduate's university career and an eventual in-person assessment, which may consist of an individual interview and/or a written test on specific topics.

6. Graduates of class L-35 (or class 32 ex D.M. 509) who have obtained their degree with a mark of no less than 85/110 are exempt from the initial preparation test.

Candidates referred to in point 3 and candidates who do not meet the requirement referred to in point 6 are required to submit the application for assessment of the requirements for enrolment in the Master's degree course, available on the University of Salerno website.

This application must be sent by e-mail, with attached front and back scans of your ID document, to the Careers Office of the Department of Mathematics (carrierestudenti.dipmat@unisa.it).