Stakeholder Consultations

Matematica Stakeholder Consultations

  • Responsible for the consultation process: Delegate for the Stakeholder Consultations, in agreement with the President of the board of professors
  • Methods and frequency of consultations: face-to-face or remotely; annual
  • List of stakeholders consulted (meeting of January 16th, 2023):
    • Emiliano Barbuto, headmaster of the Galilei-Di Palo Institute, Salerno;
    • Maria Brancaccio, Coordinator of the Mathematics Department of the Galilei-Di Palo Institute, Salerno;
    • Pietro D'Ambrosio, Corporate Software Factory Manager of LinearIT Spa (2);
    • Mario De Stefano, Director – Data Platform & AI of Techedge (6);
    • Anna Rita Ferraioli, Professor of Mathematics and Physics at the B. Rescigno state high school, Roccapiemonte (Salerno);
    • Raffaele Maccioni, founder and CEO of ResearchWings;
    • Angelo Matarazzo, Research and Development Manager of Nexsoft;
    • Michele Petrone, senior manager at Intellera Consulting;
    • Pierluca Pierro, technical director of Nexsoft;
    • Alfredo Troiano, technical director of NetCom Group.