Job Placement

Storia e Critica d'Arte Job Placement

Final Support – Placement

Responsible for the Department: prof. De Filippis Renato

Responsible for the Teaching Council of the Educational Area of Cultural Heritage: prof.ssa MUGIONE Eliana

The analysis on Placement, within the Department, is aimed at evaluating which are the most interesting and most suitable outgoing professional profiles for the three-year and master's degree graduates of the Department's Study Programmes.


  1. The Department plans a series of initiatives aimed at encouraging exchanges between students and professionals -outside the University- in the field of material and immaterial cultural heritage. These operations are essentially implemented through: the organization of specific Placement Events for the Degree Course and/or involving the entire Department; periodic consultation of the interested parties in the area; the establishment of Steering Committees that can discuss and promote the employment of graduates of individual Study Programmes; consultation of Department graduates from recent years (traced through specific sites and databases such as Almalaurea), in order to obtain specific information on their work experiences.
  2. the department promotes the experimentation of paths of excellence (strengthening activities that go alongside ordinary teaching), in which to provide students who have achieved high-profile results with additional skills related to professionalism. In particular, in recent years the department has activated a path in "Digital communication" which offers students useful tools for the conception, planning and implementation of communication campaigns for organizations and structures linked to the world of cultural heritage (cultural institutes, Museums, Archives, Libraries, etc.).
  3. The department makes use of the University Placement Office, which operates as a meeting point between the University and the world of work to intensify relations between the University, companies in the local and national economic fabric, institutions, associations and more generally all external players. in order to promote and accompany the job placement of students and graduates of the University of Salerno. The Office, which makes use of the University database, provides students, undergraduates and graduates with tools and materials that can also be consulted online, useful for looking for internship and job opportunities in Italy and abroad, for orientation and improving job knowledge. More information is available at the following link: