Placements and Internships

Food Engineering Placements and Internships


Students of the Master's Degrees in Chemical Engineering and in Food Engineering can carry out internships in university research laboratories or in affiliated companies, according to the procedures set out in the "Internship Guide". Internships in companies represent an important training experience for students to approach post-graduate job opportunities and enrich their professional curriculum. Furthermore, for companies it is an opportunity to get to know and evaluate undergraduates as potential future collaborators. Internship activities, especially if combined with the preparation of the thesis, can be a valuable opportunity for companies to collaborate and transfer technology with the department's research groups.

This page provides information on the training internship (Guide, List of the Affiliated Companies, Request Form, Report template, Opinion Collection Forms).


Internship guide

List of the Affiliated companies

Industrial internship request form

Request form for an internship in a DIIN lab


The registration of the credits of the internships carried out in university laboratories or in Italian companies takes place as for all the other exams through the verbalization. It is, therefore, necessary to book the exam through the Esse3 platform and make sure you meet the requirements listed in the Guide.

The calendar for the next sessions is:










To take the graduation exam, it is sufficient to register the internship fifteen days before the start of the graduation session.

Academic tutors can request the internship credits registration by filling in the form available here:

Host company evaluation form for the academic tutor

Internship experience evaluation form for the student

Internship report template

Please, note that this procedure does not apply if the internship training project has been carried out abroad. In this case the student has to contact the International Relations Committee of CODIC