Archeologia e Culture Antiche Presentation

Presentation of the two-year Master’s degree in Archaeology and Ancient Cultures, LM 2

The Master’s degree course in Archaeology and Ancient Cultures is part of the Department of Cultural Heritage Sciences based at the Fisciano University Campus and has a duration of two years. Part-time enrolment is also possible, in accordance with the rules laid down by the University.
To obtain the degree the student must acquire 120 CFUs.

Specific curricular requirements and adequate personal preparation, verified by assessing the student's previous academic career, are required for enrolment on this Master’s degree course.

The procedures for verifying the admission requirements and the criteria for assessing the preparation of the candidates are published on the course website

The Master’s degree Course in Archaeology and Ancient Cultures originated from the transformation of the Master's Degree in Archaeology in a socio-cultural context rich in archaeological evidence. It benefits from the human resources and facilities made available by the University and from highly specialised laboratories that have received quality certification (Laboratory of Archaeology M. Napoli; Laboratory of Medieval Archaeology).

The degree course aims at training archaeologists capable of working in managerial positions of great responsibility in public and private institutions dealing with research, teaching, conservation, recovery, valorisation, and intervention-planning in the fields of archaeological, artistic, documentary, and building heritage. To this end, the subjects taught will provide theoretical knowledge, methods, and practical skills to enable the acquisition of adequate and up-to-date professional competence not only in the field of archaeology, but also in those related to the management and marketing of cultural heritage.
For these specific objectives and in order to ensure the acquisition of practical and technical skills, classroom lectures are accompanied by laboratory activities. The course does not have specific curricula; however, students are allowed to choose between several courses so as to streamline their training in classical or medieval archaeology, depending on their cultural interests and aptitudes.

The course also prepares students for the Schools of Specialisation in Archaeology and for PhDs in the same field, which are also offered by the University of Salerno and are essential to access managerial positions at the Ministry of Cultural Heritage.