Matematica Enrollment

What are the TOLC-S

To enter the Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics, it is necessary to participate in a mandatory evaluative placement test (TOLC-S). The test is an orientation and assessment test aimed at ascertaining aptitude and preparation for studies.

The structure of the TOLC-S consists of 50 questions divided into 4 sections: Basic Math, Reasoning and Problems, Text Comprehension, and Basic Science. At the end of the TOLC-S there is a 30-question section for the English Language Proficiency Test:

- Basic Mathematics - 20 questions - 50 minutes

- Reasoning and problems - 10 questions - 20 minutes

- Text comprehension - 10 questions - 20 minutes

- Basic science - 10 questions - 20 minutes

- English - 30 questions - 15 minutes

The result of each individual test, which differs from candidate to candidate, is determined, with the exception of the English Language section, by the number of correct, wrong and not given answers:

  • each correct answer: 1 point
  • each answer not given: 0 points
  • each incorrect answer: -0.25 points

For the English Language section, there is no penalty for wrong answers, and scoring is determined by awarding 1 point for correct answers and 0 points for wrong and not given answers.

The CISIA website contains information on the test structure, syllabuses and also allows for practice tests.

The placement test can be repeated, according to the Regulations published on the CISIA website. It is also possible to take the TOLC at a location other than the University of Salerno (see the CISIA-date-TOLC-S schedule). The test taken at any participating TOLC location is recognized by all other locations.

The matriculation application will be associated with the highest score achieved on the TOLC-S.

How to enroll in TOLC-S

A student who already holds a diploma or is attending the fourth or fifth year of high secondary schools may take the TOLC-S. Tests taken from January 1st, 2022 are valid for matriculation purposes for the 2023/24 academic year.

To register for the TOLC-S, one must access the CISIA TOLC-S website. The site also contains a tutorial showing how to enroll.

The candidate, in addition to registering for the TOLC-S on the CISIA site, must register with the University of Salerno's ESSE3 computer system.

Schedule of TOLC-S Tests

For the year 2023, the TOLC-S test dates for the Department of Mathematics are:

  • March 31
  • May 19
  • June 9
  • July 14
  • September (dates to be decided)

TOLCs will be held exclusively at the Fisciano campus location in the classroom indicated in the receipt of one's reservation.

See this map and the Campus Map page for information on the location of the labs.

Requirements for enrollment in the Mathematics bachelor’s degree.

The outcome of the TOLC-S does not affect enrollment in the degree program but may result in the assignment of Additional Educational Obligations (OFA). For A.Y. 2023/24, enrollment without Additional Formative Obligations (OFAs) is allowed for students who meet both of the following thresholds:

  • basic mathematics: at least 9 points
  • sum of reasoning and problem scores + text comprehension: at least 9 points

Students who score less than 9 in basic mathematics, or for whom the sum of reasoning and problems + text comprehension scores is less than 9, may obtain enrollment with Additional Educational Obligations (OFAs), to be filled in the manner described below.

Two OFA remedial courses will begin in September 2023, one in the area of "basic mathematics" and one in the area of "reasoning and problems + text comprehension." A student with OFAs in one or both areas will be required to attend the corresponding remedial course(s).

At the end of each course there will be an initial test, the passing of which will enable the student to clear the OFAs.

Those who do not pass the first test will have to take a second follow-up test to be held later. Those who do not pass the second verification test, at the end of the first year of the course will be enrolled in the second year with the constraint that they will not be able to take the second year exams if they have not first acquired at least 40 CFUs from the first year.

Placement tests (TOLC-S) taken by the candidate at another University or, within the University of Salerno, in another Bachelor’s degree, provided they are of an equivalent type, will be considered acceptable.

Students who achieve a score greater than or equal to 24 in the English Language section of the TOLC-S will be recognized 6 CFUs of English Language.

3 CFUs of "Further Educational Activities" may be recognized to students enrolled in the Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics who have graduated from a high school at a "Mathematical High School" and who submit a request for recognition to the Education Secretariat accompanied by documentation of mathematics projects carried out as part of the high school's educational pathway.

Candidates with disabilities

Applicants for admission to the Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics who have disabilities and need support for participation in the admission test are invited to contact the delegate, prof. Sara Monsurrò (email: smonsurro@unisa.it), to request the support of tutors specifically designated by the Department of Mathematics. For other needs, it is also possible to contact the University's Right to Study Office.

More information

Any questions or needs can be addressed to the Mathematics Careers Office at: carrierestudenti.dipmat@unisa.it