Incoming Students

Scienze Biologiche Incoming Students

The orientation activities for incoming students are organized by the Commissione Orientamento in entrata e in itinere. The head of the Committe is prof. Anna Marabotti (
Examples of specific activities organized by the Commission:

Participation in University initiatives for incoming orientation (Contact person: prof. Anna Marabotti): The Course of Study makes use of the orientation services provided by the University Center for Orientation and Tutoring (CAOT) (contact person: prof. Anna Marabotti).
The University promotes several incoming orientation events, organized each year by the CAOT, which involve all the CdS and are orientated towards future students, in particular, those in their third, fourth and fifth years of Higher Education, and possibly those funded by national projects (e.g. PNRR). These orientation initiatives aim to foster the School-to-University transition through meetings held by university teachers, researchers and other experts, with the possibility of involving secondary school teachers, so that, afterwards, orientation can continue to be given by personnel from within the high school system. Please refer to for further details on the initiatives planned for each academic year.

Additional incoming orientation initiatives organized independently by the CdS in Biological Sciences are as follows:

Participation of the CdS to the National Plan for Scientific Degrees (PLS) Project in Biology and Biotechnology (contact persons for UNISA prof. Anna Marabotti and Dr. Stefania Martucciello) has the purpose of disseminating scientific culture and incoming orientation. The intended recipients are students from local high schools that request participation. The activities are organized on the basis of both the proposals of the CdS and the specific requests of the schools' reference teachers. Laboratory activities are generally held at the university in February. Additional activities may take place at other times of the year. At the end of each activity, feedback questionnaires are prepared and administered to students and teachers participating to the activity, with he goal of improving the activities offered. For more details please refer to the PLS Biology website.

Finally, the CdS participates to additional orientation initiatives organized by the Department of Chemistry and Biology “A. Zambelli” of the University of Salerno (contact person prof. Anna Marabotti (