Scienze Biologiche Enrollment

To be admitted to the Bachelor in Biological Sciences, the student must have gained an upper secondary school diploma or other qualification obtained abroad recognized as suitable. In particular, qualifications obtained abroad, after twelve years of schooling, which allows admission to the University and to the course of study chosen in the country where it was obtained (see Circular of the Ministry of University and Research - available on the website http://www.studiare-in-italia.it/studentistranieri/) are suitable.

Except in cases of exemption expressly provided for, non-EU candidates residing abroad, who have submitted a regular application through the UNIVERSITALY portal (https://www.universitaly.it/), will have to take and pass a test of knowledge of the Italian language, online.

Moreover, candidates wishing to participate in the selections must:

- register for TOLC-B, through the CISIA website (https://www.cisiaonline.it/);

- take the TOLC-B test, according to the calendar made known by CISIA, within 24.00 of the day before the deadline for each selection. The TOLC-B can be repeated, as per the CISIA calendar. For the purposes of the selections in this call, the highest score achieved will be considered to the TOLC-B.

- register for the selection via the website https://web.unisa.it/servizi-on-line by the deadline set out in the GENERAL CALENDAR.

For other details, see the full call that will published on the website of the University of Salerno (usually on May).

For further clarifications, please contact the responsible for the International activities of the Bachelor in Biological Sciences prof. Elizabeth Illingworth (eillingworth@unisa.it).